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Re: PC: PC fans

No, someone on here asked if there were any PC Fan's as on the subject title
here and I asked him if there were any CR Fan's.
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From: Bastler <rkiefer -AT- iusb.edu>
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Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: PC: PC fans

Are you being sarcastic?  Sure I'm a CR fan, a
PRR,NYC,PC,DH,NH,UP,DRG&W,GN,GTW,CN,CP, in other words a railfan.
Conrail just happens to have a main line within of 200 feet of my
backdoor so they get my attention.

From:          BDXT30A -AT- prodigy.com ( JEROME A ROSENFELD)
Date:          Thu,  5 Mar 1998 01:27:31, -0500
To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
Subject:       Re: PC: PC fans
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Are there any CR Fan's?

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