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Re: PC: PC fans

Hey!  I resemble that remark. Being born in 1959 and graduating from 
highschool in 1978, PC was all I practicully knew around here.  A 
near 10 year existence is a short time for some but maybe it was the 
foul taste in others mouths by the management fiasco of the PC that 
has hindered the modeling of the railroad.  Besides there are plenty 
of prototype equipment floating around of the RDG, PC, EL  to add 
to ones CR layout.

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Date:          Thu, 5 Mar 1998 12:20:06 -0500
Subject:       Re: PC: PC fans
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I think that there are many NH/NYC/PRR fans who are/were resentful of the
merger and the changes it brought. The relative rarity of PC modelers may
also have to do with a combination of demographics and the short amount of
time that the PC was around. I remember reading somewhere that railroad
modelers tend to focus on subjects existing during their childhood or
youth. Since the PC era was from 1968-1976, this time frame would be
relevant to a small amount of the modeling population, despite the somewhat
larger amount of baby boomer youth around at that time.

Then again, maybe a lot of people think black locos are

(Not me!)


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