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Re: PC: Brunswick Green?

>    Was the official color of PC locomotives Brunswick Green or Black?  
> Through the years I've heard one or the other  and even both as being
> used.

My understanding of the situation is as follows...

The "official" color was black.  Howeverd both were used.  

The reason being that PRR ordered locomotives just prior to the merger with
the "reduced" PRR scheme. Numbers and Keystones only, but painted with Dark
Green Locomotive Enamel. (DGLE)  After the merger, these locos were
restencilled for PC, but not completely repainted.

NYC's contributions were black.

All new PC orders were black.

I have also heard that some early repaints done at ex-PRR facilities used
DGLE because it's what they had in the shop.

That's what I have heard, and it makes sense to me. :^)
Comments in support or correction certainly welcome on this issue.

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