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Re: PC: Early PC models

>     Just for ha-ha's does anybody remember some of the wild PC paint
> schemes on models in the early PC years? 

I think some of these were actually atempts to guess what PC was going to
do.  Pure speculation.

> or shouldn't I ) but give Atlas credit for even producing a PC model.  
> Stewart also gets credit for the nice PC F unit set!

Also remember that in recent years, Stewart and Bowser have produced
*numerous* ex PRR/NYC prototype models and offered them in PC paint.

Stewart's RS12/DRS-4-4-1000
Stewart's NYC and H39 70T hoppers. (I've never seen Stewart's H37 in PC)
Bowser's N5, N5c cabins, H21 70T & H43 100T hoppers

MDC offers their "G38-ish" ore jenny in PC, as well as their ballast cars
in PC MOW yellow.
Details West has at least one car, the 50' RBL in PC. (It's very close to
an X73)
Athearn has a bunch of stuff, some good, some not.
Intermountain has their PS2 covered hopper, although it is *way too green*

Some of the smaller manufacturers have had PC offerings as well. Most are
no longer available.

Eastern Car Works had a 65' mill gon
They also offered their passenger car kits in PC.
Quality Craft had the 86' hi-cube and tri-level auto racks. 

It's hard to keep up sometimes.

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