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PC: Early PC models

PC fans,
     Just for ha-ha's does anybody remember some of the wild PC paint
schemes on models in the early PC years?   Tyco wins the prize with bright
green locos with white and red lettering, passenger cars with bright green
window panels and red lettering/logos.   Con-cor passenger cars had a
bright green letter board as I remember.  Where did these schemes come
from?   Only Bachmann was close to accurate with a black GP-40 and "F-9"(
F-7).   Were there any other  mfrs. of PC models?  
     Today we have a more accurate Atlas U-33C, but the lettering is not
quite right.  I just re-lettered mine, after months of debating ( should I,
or shouldn't I ) but give Atlas credit for even producing a PC model.  
Stewart also gets credit for the nice PC F unit set!

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