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Re: PC: Black Paint

Michael Bezilla wrote:
> > I believe ALL engines should be black!.
> That's my feeling too -- if I owned the railroad. They'd all be black with
> yellow handrails. That's just the way nature intended. But as a railfan --
> someone who took hundreds of locomotive slides during the PC era -- I hated
> black and if I never see another black EMD unit again it'll be too soon.
> How's that for mixed feelings?

At least PC could make up their mind as to what color to paint things. 
Unlike the CSX's and BNSF's of today.  CSX has calmed down and is doing
a good job of repainting everything.  Meanwhile, BNSF paints things in
some of the most garish and funky paint scheme one can imagine.  It's a
wonder the stockholders don't go balistic over the expense.  Oh well, it
does make life interesting for the fans.  

But black has it's merits.  Look how easy it is to paint on a model. 
Covers everything!  No fuss, no muss, just spray it on!

Dale DeVene
ddevene -AT- udata.com

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