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Re: PC: Black Paint

...and isnt it ironic that the Railroad about to assume much of PC's area
uses only black with a white logo.  PC scheme was prophetic.

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Date: Monday, March 02, 1998 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: PC: Black Paint

>It was always my feeling that the Penn Central paint scheme was really
>exciting. A lot of thought went into the Logo and the alignment of the
>lettering to the numbers and, logo to the lettering was perfect. For
>locomotives, Black is a natural. I believe ALL engines should be black!. I
>guess that's because I've always been a true PC fan.
>Funny, but when Conrail engines started showing up, I was disappointed.
>Although color seems to be the preferred choice, There was something about
>sitting in a Penn Central GP40 and looking under the window, seeing those
>white numbers, then shifting attention to the long hood and seeing the
>"Penn Central" and the "worms" logo was in perfect alignment with the
>I can hear the turbo-whine. Gawd...It wasn't REALLY that long ago. I* have
>hundreds of PC pictures from inside AND outside the cab. Every time I look
>through them, I can remember just how exciting the Penn Central was. If you
>want color - GO WEST - MY Penn Central was Black!
>Ed St. George

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