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Re: PC: Speculative Modelling

I find it kind of amusing that on a PC mail list we are refering tp PRR
locomotives as being painted black.

I also belong to a PRR mail list, and there was a thread a while back
regarding the correct name for the GREEN that Pensy painted there
engines.  It seems that the PRR never used the term "Brunswick Green".
They refered to it as "Dark Green Locomotive Enamel" (DGLE to those on the
pennsy list).  Someone suggested that maybe they WERE black, you should
have seen the responses to that!

Just a word of warning (you never know who's around!),  PRR engines were
never painted black!  We might as well get it right.

Bob Zeolla

> I think that one reason PC painted its engines black, is that both the
> PRR and NYC engines were already black.  It may have saved time andmoney
> by simply covering the PRR and NYC logos with paint, and then slapping
> the PC worms logo over it.

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