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Re: PC: Frederick Secondary

I grew up not far from the Frederick line near Woodsboro, MD.  i really don't
know a whole lot about the operational details, but if memory serves me
correctly the line was run daily (at least on weekdays).  It never really was
"closed". The line ran into the PC era for a short time , but did not make the
Conrail transition.  In 1978 operation was assumed by the Maryland Midland
Railway with trackage being owned by the Maryland DOT.=====
The line was originally built in 1872 as the Frederick and Pa. Line RR, then
the York, Hanover and Frederick.  Eventually it became part of the North
Central and hence ownership by the PRR.  At this time the line was given the
name of the "Frederick Secondary".  In the late 1800 through passenger trains
operated the line to New York.  Interesting note: At an date unknown to me a
seperate branch line extended a few miles East from Keymar, MD to service a
cement plant in Union Bridge, MD.
The line (most of it)still operates as a part of the Maryland Midland, the
biggest online customers being a limestone quarry, lumber facility, a propane
gas plant and a grain elevator.  

please e-mail direct if i can assist you in any other way!
          Jason Walter

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