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Re: PC: Black Paint

> through them, I can remember just how exciting the Penn Central was. If you
> want color - GO WEST - MY Penn Central was Black!

Although I agree with your comments and sentiments, There were *plenty* of
colorful roads on the east coast. Northeast specifically!  Look at the D&H,
the only road with a Shark scheme that rivaled the NYC's Lightning Stripes.
B&M was doing blue long before conrail. CNJ with the red and white stripes.
Lehigh Valley's snowbird scheme wasn't hard on the eyes either.  Not quite
Northeast, but close was RF&P with the blue and silver scheme, and Western
Maryland had a reatively colorful attire. 

Let's see, did I leave out any colorful Northeast PC predecessors.... :^)

BTW, let's not forget that even though we tend to associate the image of a
railraod with the motive power's paint scheme, the freight cars are part of
the image as well, and more often than not, the one the RR's customers have
the most direct contact with.  PC's green was colorful to say the least.

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