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Re: PC: Black Paint

It was always my feeling that the Penn Central paint scheme was really
exciting. A lot of thought went into the Logo and the alignment of the
lettering to the numbers and, logo to the lettering was perfect. For
locomotives, Black is a natural. I believe ALL engines should be black!. I
guess that's because I've always been a true PC fan.
Funny, but when Conrail engines started showing up, I was disappointed.
Although color seems to be the preferred choice, There was something about
sitting in a Penn Central GP40 and looking under the window, seeing those huge
white numbers, then shifting attention to the long hood and seeing the Words
"Penn Central" and the "worms" logo was in perfect alignment with the herald!
I can hear the turbo-whine. Gawd...It wasn't REALLY that long ago. I* have
hundreds of PC pictures from inside AND outside the cab. Every time I look
through them, I can remember just how exciting the Penn Central was. If you
want color - GO WEST - MY Penn Central was Black!
Ed St. George

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