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Re: PC: Black Paint

> Yes, black was perhaps predictable, both from the standpoint of tradition
> and economics. But let us keep in mind that the locomotives of the PRR and
> the water level route had extremely plain paint schemes in large part
> because of the impending merger, 

Which points out the contrast to the paint scheme that suffered the most
from the (unwanted) merger, the New Haven.  What's interesting is that in
1998, I'll bet that there are more locomotives in NH paint than there are
in NYC & PRR combined. 

In addition to the Despatch Shops #15 with the green band, A splash of
color can be added to your PC fleet with the inclusion of the blue and
yellow PC scheme applied to the FL9's. The only problem with that is there
are still only two ways to get a model FL9, brass & kitbash.

The third alternative is to model the ex Rio Grande F units that PC
purchased as intended trade-in fodder, but wound up rostering.  I have 
571 on my roster, and it annoys the heck out of my fellow D&RGW pals. :^)

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