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Re: PC: Black Paint

Or how bout any of the "Green" railroads....Central Vermont etc.
Or closer to home for me (and I think these count as "Northeast"
railroads, CP and CN and TH&B! ;-)  The Reading wasnt all that bad either,
or for that matter the McGinnis NH Colors, And the Chessie too!

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On Mon, 2 Mar 1998 Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com wrote:

> > through them, I can remember just how exciting the Penn Central was. If you
> > want color - GO WEST - MY Penn Central was Black!
> Although I agree with your comments and sentiments, There were *plenty* of
> colorful roads on the east coast. Northeast specifically!  Look at the D&H,
> the only road with a Shark scheme that rivaled the NYC's Lightning Stripes.
> B&M was doing blue long before conrail. CNJ with the red and white stripes.
> Lehigh Valley's snowbird scheme wasn't hard on the eyes either.  Not quite
> Northeast, but close was RF&P with the blue and silver scheme, and Western
> Maryland had a reatively colorful attire. 
> Let's see, did I leave out any colorful Northeast PC predecessors.... :^)
> BTW, let's not forget that even though we tend to associate the image of a
> railraod with the motive power's paint scheme, the freight cars are part of
> the image as well, and more often than not, the one the RR's customers have
> the most direct contact with.  PC's green was colorful to say the least.
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