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Re: PC: Re: PC green

> Photographic variations aside, I recall seeing these differences in real
> life. There seemed to be a "flat" green on some cabooses (bay window
> cabooses, primarily) and a more "jade" green on others and on most freight
> cars.

>From my understanding, PC Green was different than NYC Jade Green, with
PC's shade of green being slightly darker. (Too close to BN's Green, which
causes many a doubletake for me living out here in BN land...)

Despatch and Beech Grove probably used quite a bit of NYC Jade Green on PC
repaints because it was there.  This only adds to the differences in colors.

A good example of this is in the Box Car section of the PC color guide.
One photo shows a complete PC repaint next to a *very* clean NYC high cube.
They are noth NYC Jade Green.

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