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PC: Looking for freight cars -Reply

Christopher R. Hauf wrote:
The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (Rochester, NY) is
looking to acquire through donation or purchase the following:

- Up to four 40 to 60 foot box cars in interchangeable condition.
	- Roller bearing trucks
	- Operating sliding doors preferable, but not required
	- Wood or steel floors (nailable or non-nailable)
	- Wood lined or unlined walls   

- 1 or 2 flat cars in interchangeable condition
	- Roller bearing trucks
	- 50 to 70 ton capacity
	- 40 to 55 feet in length
	- Wood deck

     I just got off the phone with the collections manager at the B&O
Museum in Baltimore.  In the past I have worked there and still maintain
close ties.  He is working on a deal to acquire 12 MTTX 50 foot flat cars
already located in Baltimore.  He already has several people lined up to
take one or two in trade for other equipment and/or $$$.  He would be
happy to talk with you and put your name on the list.  You might want to
mention your other needs.  The MTTX cars are roller bearing, wood deck,
50 ft., interchange capable.  He will be able to answer any other
questions you may have.

Dennis Fulton
Collections Manager
B&O Railway Museum
(410) 752-3742 - You can mention my name if you want 
(Bob Holzweiss).

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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