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PC: Re: PC green

Photographic variations aside, I recall seeing these differences in real
life. There seemed to be a "flat" green on some cabooses (bay window
cabooses, primarily) and a more "jade" green on others and on most freight

I had a rock that had accidentally been stuck in the floor grates of
transfer caboose #18013 when it was painted. If I can find it, I'll use it
to mix an appropriate shade of green. Then of course, it might be among the
items "missing" after I got married and moved ( to my eternal chagrin, I
threw out paint chips I peeled off of 40' and 50' boxcars in the early
70's, along with the car's # and dimensional data). I'd gladly toss a lot
of rubbish that I retained to get them back........


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Another factor to consider is color balance in the original photo
and subsequent transfer to the book. The color separation and printing
process can change hues and saturations slightly, or substantially
depending on many factors.
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