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PC: Re: Re: PC Color Guide

Wow!   This topic has me digging through old books and photos for info. 
The "M" may stand for "Mystery"    when all is said and done.  Found some
info on these cars from the 'PC Passenger Car Directory'  dated 5/1/68 (
office of assistant vice president -equipment, Philadelphia PA).  This was
copied and distributed  as a publication of "PC Railroader".   The 1100
series MU's were "leased from Port Authority of New York". The 1000 series
cars as of this date apparently were PC owned.   I do remember cars
stenciled "Port Authority of New York, Owner and Lessor".    I also
remember and have photos of PENN painted over NEW YORK during the early
years,  however by the time MTA blue and silver appeared, I thought most
were repainted in the PC scheme.  My personal opinion is that the PC green
was much better looking than the former NYC colors ( nothing against NYC ).
 It gave the cars a brighter, modern look - with or without the "M"!   
> From: MR PETER A KING <BGXX32A -AT- prodigy.com>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Re: PC Color Guide
> Date: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 5:01 PM
> Wait a minute, there's a lot of inconsistency here:
> >The MTA did not fund PC operations at the time the PC 1000 and 1100 
> >series MU's were repainted and lettered PC
> Maybe they didn't fund operations, but the DID provide equipment. MTA 
> owned and provided equipment to PC as early as July, 1970. 
> (Reference: PC Power book, regarding the 'yellowbird' FL9s'.) Also, 
> the 1100 MUs were never owned by PC OR NYC. They were owned by the 
> Port Authority, and leased to the railroad. (Reference: NYC Later 
> Power by Stauffer. I also recall seeing the lettering near the car 
> ends noting the lease arrangement.) The Port Authority also later 
> purchased the 1000 series MUs. 
> > and thus M prefix meant 
> >the car was Motorized
> Not a prefix, it was under the number. Also, why make the distinction 
> of 'motorized' when there were no trailers? (Reference: Stauffer book.
> ) 
> > as were RDC's.
> PC RDCs did NOT use the 'M' prefix when renumbered to PC numbers. 
> (Reference: Crouse RDC book.) They used 2 digit numbers with no 
> prefix. NYC RDCs did use the 'M', a holdover from the doodlebug days.
> > Not many MU's were painted and 
> >lettered PC. Even some PC (NH) "Mut's" and PC MP54's had the small 
> >"M" under the number and MP54's were not a part of the MTA.
> Makes sense to use it on the MP54s, as I recall some were trailers.
> > The M 
> >Prefix was only applied to 100% PC Repaints and not MU's relettered. 
> >Most NYC MU's were still NEW YORK CENTRAL lettered with PENN applied 
> >over the NEW YORK name
> Don't ever recall seeing that, although I didn't see many MUs in the 
> early days of the merger. I only recall seeing the full repaints, 
> complete with PC logos.
> > just as DLW MU's had ERIE name ahead of 
> I'm still unconvinced that it means 'motorized'.
> >      Jerome
> Peter King

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