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PC: Re: Re: PC Color Guide

I have some  pictures of fresh out of the shop 1000 series MU's at 
Harmon yard and none have the M on the side at the time they were 
repainted.  All the 1000's except 1037 were out of service when 
1100's began getting MTA, blue and silver. Car 1037 was a "Private" 
car later and used with 1100's until the MTA discontinued the service.

Up to 12 years ago there was car 1077 in service on MNR Work Trains 
and had a baggage door installed making it look like a combine.   
Perhaps the 1000's you saw in the yard were headed to a private 
individual ai Wildwood, NJ who parked them by the PRSL Station there 
and planned to use them as a restaurant. Its not known what happened 
and where the cars went when project did not go through. No 1000 
series car have been preserved. It's not known exactly what that M 
stood for since it did appear on PC repainted MP54 and NH 4300 series 
heavyweight. Most likely it mean Motorized car as it was NYC who used 
the M prefix on RDC's for this purpose as did PRSL on their RDC's in 
Modeling the car should be easy with an Eastern Car Works coach. 
Trucks may be a problem though.
Reportedly the BUNKER HILL was sold to someone in Ohio. When I was at 
Croton Yard, both were there, the other the Watch Hill still NH paint.
 This car later came down the West Shore Line and brought to Naporano 
in Newark. I have pictures of the car there. It was not scrapped and 
sold, but not known to who or where. When I saw Bunker Hill it was 
with Watch Hill and had the PC logos. An ex-WP-NP RDC-2 31 was later 
there as Amtrak 31. Now all the SPV's are there.


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