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PC: Re: PC Color Guide

Wait a minute, there's a lot of inconsistency here:

>The MTA did not fund PC operations at the time the PC 1000 and 1100 

>series MU's were repainted and lettered PC

Maybe they didn't fund operations, but the DID provide equipment. MTA 
owned and provided equipment to PC as early as July, 1970. 
(Reference: PC Power book, regarding the 'yellowbird' FL9s'.) Also, 
the 1100 MUs were never owned by PC OR NYC. They were owned by the 
Port Authority, and leased to the railroad. (Reference: NYC Later 
Power by Stauffer. I also recall seeing the lettering near the car 
ends noting the lease arrangement.) The Port Authority also later 
purchased the 1000 series MUs. 

> and thus M prefix meant 
>the car was Motorized

Not a prefix, it was under the number. Also, why make the distinction 
of 'motorized' when there were no trailers? (Reference: Stauffer book.

> as were RDC's.

PC RDCs did NOT use the 'M' prefix when renumbered to PC numbers. 
(Reference: Crouse RDC book.) They used 2 digit numbers with no 
prefix. NYC RDCs did use the 'M', a holdover from the doodlebug days.

> Not many MU's were painted and 
>lettered PC. Even some PC (NH) "Mut's" and PC MP54's had the small 
>"M" under the number and MP54's were not a part of the MTA.

Makes sense to use it on the MP54s, as I recall some were trailers.

> The M 
>Prefix was only applied to 100% PC Repaints and not MU's relettered. 

>Most NYC MU's were still NEW YORK CENTRAL lettered with PENN applied 

>over the NEW YORK name

Don't ever recall seeing that, although I didn't see many MUs in the 
early days of the merger. I only recall seeing the full repaints, 
complete with PC logos.

> just as DLW MU's had ERIE name ahead of 

I'm still unconvinced that it means 'motorized'.
>      Jerome

Peter King

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