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Re: PC:The Ice Storm

Can't help you on the question but on a related note, several years ago
there was a movie titled" Panic on the 5:22" or something close to that.  
It's about a robbery onboard a private commuter car on a Hudson line train
to Croton-Harmon.  Several scenes of PC painted MU's flying past scheduled
stops.  One big problem with the movie was that if the train was
"hi-jacked" after leaving GCT, it would have gotten to Croton in far less
time than the two hours or so the movie lasted.  (Maybe Penn Central "slow
> From: Evan F. Ferrari - 4352050 <eferrari -AT- nunic.nu.edu>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC:The Ice Storm
> Date: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 7:53 PM
> fact that I live in Los Angeles and I never see Penn Central freight cars
> anymore.
> 	I recently went to see a movie called the "The Ice Storm" and I
> don't know if it has been mentioned on the list before but the story
> place in the early 70's in New York and Conn. and in the begining and end
> of the movies one of the kids in the movie gets off a Penn Central RDC
> car.  I don't know who owns the RDC car but it was lettered Penn Central
> for the movie.  I was surprised at the accuracy of the film by lettering
> the car.
> 	Does anyone know who owns the car in real life?
> evan

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