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Re: PC: Yet Another PC Gon Sighting....

In a message dated 98-02-02 08:56:44 EST, you write:

> For the second time in two weeks, I have seen another green PC gondola,
>  this time in W.Springfield, MA. It was #592006, and it was in dirty but
>  decent shape. I saw it and at least one PC yellow hopper directly opposite
>  Gate 9 as I left the model railroad show at the Eastern Exposition Center
>  yesterday. I knew I should have brought the camera!!!
>  Anyone know what HO scale models would approximate this class of car?
>  Ed

The walthers 65' gon is a close match for some of the PC gons, but the
rib count is wrong. The 592006 isn't one of them however :^(. It is a G45 
class ( PC built I think) and it has a straight sill, whereas the walthers kit
has a drop sill; it is also a riveted car and the walthers is a welded car.
Looking closer at the pictures I think they were probably built at the
NYC Despatch shops as they have ends typical of DS built equipment.

I have pictures of G45's in PC 592056, in CR 592024 and in CR Quality
scheme 592030.


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