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Re: PC: ex-CR GP38-2 -Reply

Robert Holzweiss (and others) wrote:

>      ex CR 7981, exx PC 7981 - returned to EMD after expiration of 15
> year lease 07/15/87.  This was unexpected refusal to renew the lease

> hundreds place from the number so the EMD GP38-2's 740-839 are
> former PC / CR 7940-8039.  Hope this helps.

Yes it does help.  I spotted this locomotive performing yard duties
at the BNSF North Yard in in Fort Collins, Colorado on... Feb 1.
I had a suspicion that it was an ex-PC locomotve.

I looked long and hard, but could find nothing that would give away
it's PC heritage.  Well, actually it was *quite* rusty in spots. :^)

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