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PC: ex-CR GP38-2 -Reply

Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com> wrote:

Can anyone help me determine the history of a locomotive I saw

The loco in question is EMD leasing GP38-2 #781.  It's obviously an 
ex-CR loco, but I don't know what the CR cab number was. (That part
was the only well painted over section of the entire engine.)  The
builder's plate was missing, so I can't supply a date of manufacture

Any help would be appreciated. 

     ex CR 7981, exx PC 7981 - returned to EMD after expiration of 15
year lease 07/15/87.  This was unexpected refusal to renew the lease
on 100 GP-38-2's forced CR to remove many older first generation geeps
from storage to take up the slack.  EMD simply dropped the digit in the
hundreds place from the number so the EMD GP38-2's 740-839 are
former PC / CR 7940-8039.  Hope this helps.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov" 

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