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PC: NYC & TH&B timetable reprints

If you are interested, I met the guy who does this when I was in back 
home Ontario recently. He reprinted all TH&B and NYC Canada Division 
timecards back to the 1930's, Ibelieve. They go for about $4/ea.

This is also the fellow who sells the new TH&B video I mentioned earlier. 
He only has a few left, and then they are gone.

His name is Roger Letourneau, and he owns Just Imagine Printing Graphics 
and Creative Design at 10 Hughson St South, Hamilton, Ont, L8N3Z1, 
905-522-0788,  FAX905-522-3178.


Kim & Adrian Telizyn
4-10716 98th St
Fort St John, BC V1J3W2

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