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Re: PC: PC modelers

In a message dated 97-11-12 22:25:49 EST, you write:

> Hi Rob
>  I've been modeling the PENN CENTRAL in "HO", and now "O" scale, for almost

>  25 yrs.  I discovered a long time ago that the best all-around color for 
> most
>  PC
>  (and some NYC) is Mopar (Chrysler) engine block green, found at most
>  auto parts and auto paint stores!  This color looks good glossy, but has a
>  more
>  realistic "weathered" look when shot over with "dul-coat" clear.
>  Paul

Thanks for the tip, I've been hoarding floquil PC green ever since they
discontinued it......

BTW while you're picking up your Mopar green, if you want those
sticky weights like Aline sells check out the tire weights 'cause
they're the same things. Much cheaper at the autoparts store too.
I bought about 100 of 'em for $8......


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