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PC: Researching Penn Central


A few weeks back, I was at the National Archives in College Park, MD
doing some research on railroad accidents in Federal Railroad
Administration (FRA) files and found some great PC stuff that may be
of interest to list members.  The accident reports span the time
period 1969-1984 and include much, much more information than the
summary reports posted on line.  Among other things, there are
detailed reports from the railroad including track and equipment
information, timetables (in pristine condition) and lots of glossy
black and white photos of the wrecks, many never published in the
report.  There are also post-accident investigation files and trial
transcripts if a criminal or civil proceeding ensued.

Each case file is normally about two inches thick.  Lots of great
information on the railroad as well as the accident in question.
Among many, many things I learned was the disposition of PC GP40 3085
which has always been a mystery (to me at least) since it was included
in the Conrail roster but never seemed to appear on any official
Conrail documents.  According to these files, it was wrecked beyond
economical repair at Indianapolis, Indiana on 10/20/73 and scrapped by

I have a detailed finding aid (guide) to all 274 boxes of files I
would be happy to pass along to anyone who is interested.  Please
contact me off list.  If you are interested in later files, NARA also
has the FRA accident case files from 1985-1994, but there is no
detailed finding aid.

Best regards
Bob Holzweiss

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