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Re: PC: Re: A PC SD80MAC

Even though it's not as big as an F45, I have an undec F40PH that I'm 
tempted to spray black and throw PC worms on it. However, I might relent and 
use the NYC's lightning stripes but with PC emblems as a "Heritage" scheme 

--Chris Osterhus

>Peter King said:
>  "I always thought an F-45 would look cool in PC black, or NYC "cigar 
>band" gray."
>I think an F45 in 13-D black with an NYC cigar band with the PC logo 
>substituted and the white band extended the length of the loco would have 
>looked impressive indeed. I don't have the skills to illustrate one here, 
>but the image is mighty nice.
>Patrick Harris

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