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PC: Re: PC 3241


    You'll want to dig up a copy of X2200S #80 (May 1984), and there it is
big as life on page 7 as B&M 328.   This is one of 18 units (3227, 29, 31,
33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 41, 45, 47, 48, 53, 54, 57, 58) Guilford picked up in
Jan/Feb '84 from a CR lessor.   This was a result of Conrail allowing the
leases to expire on 177 of their 267 GP40's as well as on GP38's and many
other units, without excercising the option to purchase them.   I belive
this first group was actually leased to Guilford, as a later article (Diesel
Era, last 2 years, on B&M GP40's..  seems like same issue covers LV diesels
and Conrail Alco's) mentions some of this first group were recalled by the
lessor and sent elsewhere - it's a more current history on these units.   It
was this disposal of equipment that sent PRSL/PC units to Maine and CA, NYC
units to Alaska, EL units back to Norfolk Southern, and scattered PC units
all over the place.

If I find my copy of that Diesel Era I'll post the info and the issue date -
also seems like the early '90s Railfans Guide to Binghamton in Railpace
(3/92?) has a few shots that include some B&M GP40's in PC black paint, this
unit could be one of them.

Bill K.

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> Hello folks,
> I'm looking for photos of PC 3241, a GP40 that in the early 80s wound up
as Guilford/B&M 328. As well, if anyone has any info concerning this
particular unit's history, or that of any of the other 15 or so units that
Guilford purchased from Conrail in about 1982 or 1983, I would be most
> Many thanks in advance,
> Frank Ostlinger
> (formerly of North Bennington, VT, and Eagle Bridge, NY)
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