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PC: Canaan Union Staion

Hello PC Fans,
     On the front page of todays Sunday Waterbury (CT) Newspaper was a photo
of the charred remains of the Historic Canaan CT Union Station built in
1872.   It is a prominent local landmark for railroad fans and historians.
It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   There is a photo
on page 34 of the October Railpace showing a carnival train passing the
structure.  Everything shown in this photo is gone.   The station was  home
to the annual Canaan Railroad days celebration and is the whole reason for
the town's existance.   The Housatonic Railroad is a present occupant along
with several other businesses and a restaurant where the fire started.
     Half of the L shaped building including the famous tower in the corner
was destroyed however the local volunteer fire dept is credited with saving
the north wing and talk of rebuilding is already underway.
     I was at the station just a few weeks ago taking photographs and
wandered inside to the old ticket counter in the corner at the base of the
tower.   Penn Central was the last operator of regular scheduled passenger
service on this route from New York to Pittsfield Mass in 1971.   The sign
above the ticket counter was the old wood Penn Central sign reading "Canaan"
in white slanted letters on a green background.    I believe this sign was
on the platform in the PC era and had been moved to the ticket counter in
post PC years for historical purposes.    Several old photos of the area
were also displayed in the ticket office.   This area was destroyed so I
doubt the sign survived.
     Although other recent events are far more tragic,  this is a very sad
day for local fans.  This station meant a lot to people in the area.
Hopefully it can be rebuilt to its original splendor.


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