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PC: Re: PC Centerflows for Lime?

Hi all--I have never seen two-bay PC centerflows, and wouldn't lime be too
dense a material for cars larger than two-bay cars to carry? I have heard of
some smaller 3-bay cars (like the PS2-SD--the Con-cor model) being loaded
1/2 to 1/3 full of dense material, and I recall seeing some IC cars marked
with a line on the side with the notation "do not fill above this line". I
would think, and could well be wrong, that 3 or 4 bay centerflows could not
be utilized fully with a powdery, dense lading, hence the value of 2-bay
centerflows and 2-bay PS2-CDs for moving high-density materials with 3-bays
dedicated to low-density/high volume lading such as grain and plastic
pellets. If you fill a 3-bay with material that dense, I would think it
might either be too much lading per axle for the trucks to safely carry it,
or at least would exceed weight limits of most trackage. I also could be
dead wrong! Anyone else?

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> Did PC have Centerflows for lime?  If so, did any of
> them have gravity pneumatic outlets?  Also, did they
> have round hatches?  I have a grey car with Herald
> King
> decals which say "lime load only".  Thanks.  John
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