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Re: PC: N5 Cabins PRR #'s & PC #'s

PRR cabin car 477865 became PC 23101.  It was painted into the PC scheme around

"Gary Wright" <wrights -AT- hemc.net> on 09/25/2001 01:48:11 PM

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Subject:  PC: N5 Cabins PRR #'s & PC #'s

Can anyone tell me where I could find the information on what
PRR numbers on the N5, N5a, N5b, N5c, and N8 were later
changed to on the PC?
For example, what number did PRR N5c 477865 become when
it was repainted by the PC.  The PC numbers for N5c cabins were
in a 23000 series as I recall.
I would like complete number change rosters for the N5, N5a, N5b,
N5c, and N8 series of cabins.
Where do I find such info?
Thanks in advance.
Gary Wright
Wright Track Model Trains and Custom Painting
886 Rocky Branch Road
Clarkesville, GA  30523
wrights -AT- hemc.net

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