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PC: PRR/PC 2415 bought by LA&L

Caught this on our erielack list, thought it might be of interest to a number
of us here as we have talked of its preservation.

Good news I hope!


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Here's some news about former EL C424 units 2412 and 2415 that may be of

Chris Thurner

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Subject:	[rochester_railfan] LAL Acquires more ALCO's

Livonia Avon & Lakeville has acquired the following Alco C424 units from the
Indiana Boxcar Corporation:
Ex-Green Bay & Western 319, ex-PRR 2415, the only PRR C424.
Ex-GBW 320, ex-EL 2412
Ex-GBW 321, ex-EL 2415

LAL already owns ex-EL 2401, 2407, 2414, and an ex-RDG C424.
The units, which are currently in Arkansas, require significant work to be
made ready for transportation east.
This brings the total fleet of LAL and subsidiary railroads to 18 units.
See the Greater Rochester Railfan Page for the LAL's complete roster at
Thanks to the LAL for the information.

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