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PC: IHB Cabooses...

   Since IHB (Indiana Harbor Belt) was owned by PC, I think I can ask these 
questions.  Back during the PC era, the IHB painted there cabooses in what 
looked like PC or NYC green paint.  I am trying to find out which (NYC jade 
or PC green).  Also, what cabooses were painted in this scheme?  What 
numbers?  What types (classes)?  Also, when did IHB start painting their 
cabooses in the orange-scheme with black stripes?  Was it after the PC era?  
I would really like to see some pictures if at all possible.  The ones I 
have seen on the web (3 photos on George Elwoods' site) don't tell much and 
they aren't very diverse.  Any and all help appreciated...
                                                    -Gregg B.

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