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Re: PC: RE:PRSL Motive Power

The PC only received 5 GP38's that were ordered for the PRSL.  The numbers were
2010 to 2014.  They followed the numbering of the GP38's (2000 - 2009) that were
already on PRSL's roster.  They were built in July and August 1970 and were
painted in PRSL paint but never delivered to PRSL.  Finally, in November of
1970,  it was decided that PC would get them.  They arrived in Camden around
11/20/70.  The PRSL logos were removed and small PC logos were applied to the
front nose and rear hood only.  No side name or logos were initially applied.
The numbers remained in yellow as on the other PRSL GP38's.  The locomotives
remained based at Camden until Conrail and worked around Philly and on the PRSL

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No all the PRSL motive power stayed with them till CR . But 10 GP38's that the
PRSL was going to lease went to the PC cause the lease fell through do to
the bankruptcy of the PC and the RDG at the time .

9/3/01 8:07:17 PM, EL3634 -AT- aol.com wrote:

>  I have some questions pertaining to the locomotives of the PRSL. I'm
>wondering when did the PRSL motive power become a part of the PC motive
>Roster. Also,
>when were some of them retired?

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