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PC: ***Allentown Train Show = GREAT !!!!

***I cannot believe the number of "on-line" friends that I finally got to
meet in person, especially the PCHS Folks ( Chuck, etc.) and CRTS Leader,
John K !

Funny, at a PC ETT Table ( another email Penn pal, Chris Marotte of
Roundhouse Relics, a great dealer...) both John and I were vying for P-RSL
ETT's we each wanted not for us, but for mutual PC Pal Chuck French !!!!

Chuck walked over, and he said he already got them ??!!! hahahahahha....

THX, All, lots of fun.

THX especially to Frank Garon for chauffeur service for this old rail.....

Next time, how about we say on list ( if OK with Jerry J.?) who / if we are
going so we can look for each other ??!!

Uncle Al = gotcha lotsa LAKE Region ETT's / E&A E&P for The Book !!!!!

Great day, great show, Bill Strassner*-*

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