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PC: PC N5c (fwd)

I came across this and decided to fwd it to the list.
If any N scale zealots out there want an N5c PC caboose, maybe you could
be of assistance.
Does anyone in the society have N5c shcematics/blueprints? For a small
fee, it may be worth the while.


This is an Info request from a guy out here in Iowa.. (I'm transfering
it over to you guys.. ) 
He needs pics of PRR and PC N5 And N5C Cabooses.. i.e. Working on an N
scale casting/model.. 
I just sent him the links to the 2 big CR Caboose sites.. But I'm sure
he needs PRR and PC too.. 
And it's for a good cause... (We get N5 and N5C Cabooses in N scale..)
Anyway.. Here is his site link so you can contact him... 
Contact Info. 
N5 Info 

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