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Re: PC: NH sleepers on PC roster?

Doug Trueblood wrote:

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> I've got a question about the new Hew Haven sleeper kits that just came 
>  out from Eastern Seaboard Models, http://www.esmc.com/An/An000905.html . 
>   Did any of these cars make it into Penn Central?  I mainly model the '68 
>  to '71 timeframe so I would love to include these in my fleet if they are 
>  appropriate.
>  --
The PC Color Guide has a pic of PC4220-Allyns Point in PC service. It says
that four other point series sleepers made it into PC service. Also mentions
that they were numbered at random. One of a kind paint on the 4220 according
to the book.

Doug Trueblood

Doug and listers

Gleaned from NH publications (book / magazine) and Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment 1968, 1969, and 1970

"Beach" series:

PC 4212 (NH 530 Hammonasset Beach) renamed The Biltmore by PC
PC 4215 (NH 533 Ocean Beach) renamed The Commodore by PC
PC 4216 (NH 534 Popponesset Beach) renamed The Barclay by PC
PC 4219 (NH 537 Sound Beach) renamed The Roosevelt by PC

As you might glean from above, the PC names are derived from hotels the railroad owned along Park Avenue in NYC.  When renumbering and renaming the cars, PC also converted the section portions to crew dorms.

All four "State" series cars also made it to PC

PC 4433 (NH 551 Keystone State) to Amtrak 1971
PC 4434 (NH 550 Bay State) to Amtrak 1971
PC 4435 (NH 553 Pine Tree State) to Amtrak 1971
PC 4436 (NH 552 Nutmeg State) to Amtrak 1971

The "Point" series cars are a bit more difficult.  As Doug mentions, the PC Color Guide states that five made it into PC service.  Several were sold to LIRR during 1969 and used in commuter service.  

I hope this helps
Bob Holzweiss


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