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Re: PC: NH sleepers on PC roster?

In a message dated 9/9/00 12:14:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
ngjourin -AT- netgate.net writes:

> I've got a question about the new Hew Haven sleeper kits that just came 
>  out from Eastern Seaboard Models, http://www.esmc.com/An/An000905.html . 
>   Did any of these cars make it into Penn Central?  I mainly model the '68 
>  to '71 timeframe so I would love to include these in my fleet if they are 
>  appropriate.
>  --
The PC Color Guide has a pic of PC4220-Allyns Point in PC service. It says
that four other point series sleepers made it into PC service. Also mentions
that they were numbered at random. One of a kind paint on the 4220 according
to the book.

Doug Trueblood

Old enuf to know better, but still young enuf to forget that :^)

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