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Re: PC: Re: H43 hoppers

Herald King decals are mostly flea market items.  I had luck in a hobby
shop in Portland, OR in that they had many Herald King decals ( some at
earlier prices. )  A bigger plus to the find was that since their customers
are focused on western railroading, they had many eastern road decal sets
that they were more than willing to get rid of.
What you might do to find the hopper car decals is to contact hobby
retailers in the west to see if they might still have what you need.
Robin Harris

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I'm searching for Herald King Decals to redo some H43 yellow ball PRR
hoppers -- set #H1800 -- any available? Thanks

The Herald King decals are getting hard to find.  A possible alternative
Greg Komar's dry transfers.  He has a set for the Penn Central H43 hoppers.
Set PC--365.  It's available in HO and O scale.  Though I haven't seen this
specific set, all of his other sets are excellent.

Contact Greg at:  gkomar -AT- mindspring.com

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
trlink -AT- canadasouthern.com

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