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Re: PC: Flexi-Flo car for Herald King decals

A number of years ago AHM made a  Flexi-Flo car correct for the NYC/PC/CR. 
These turn up at train shows once in awhile in the 4-10 dollar range. 
Replacing the handrail assemblies on the end platforms and trucks/couplers 
gives a pretty nice car. The AHM car is a match fot the Lot 963H cars built 
by ACF in 1965. NYC numbers 885825-885899. There is a good color shot of one 
of these in the NYC Color Guide for Freight and Pass. by Morning Sun. The 
Flexi-Flo pictured in the PC color guide is a different Lot car #996H . Both 
types had them same numbers on the PC.
                                                                 Ken McCorry

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