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Re: PC: Flexi-Flo car for Herald King decals


How about kitbashing parts from the Walthers car and the old AHM version of the
pneumatic hopper?  I thought this car was pretty good except for the pneumatic
discharges.  I know this wouldn't be a 100% correct kitbashed car, but it beats the
price of brass.  If anybody is interested, I have three of the AHM cars I'd gladly
depart with for this type of project.


Walt Gay wrote:

> Craig,
>     I started a project a while back to build one by cutting down a Walthers
> pnumatic discharge car. After cutting to appropriate length, I realized that it
> also requires a reduction in height as well. Needless to say its back on the
> "back burner"! There is nothing close, except of course the Overland model of
> the Flexi-flo car.
> Walt

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