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Re: PC: Re: PC Annual Stock Reports

On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Bill K. wrote:

> Is there any prototype for a red PC caboose?   I have an HO TYCO caboose in
> red with PC lettering that I am pretty sure is just as fictional as their
> green PC F7's are, but I was curious - 
> Bill K.	

I have never seen a red PC caboose which appeared to be a full PC repaint, I'm
on a similar quest though. Being Tyco I wouldn't be too optimistic on accuracy.

I have a Bowser N5 in PRR and I would like to use it for PC. I have seen
pictures of N5's still in full PRR late into PC, but not yet seen one with a
"schlap em up" 'P C' reporting marks and renumbering. I'd like to do this
Bowser as a quick and dirty PC renumbering if such an animal existed. It's to
go with a trio of PC U33C's up at the club for our mid-seventies theme.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

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