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PC: PC number colors...

   I know that when PC painted the unit numbers under the cabs of it's 
engines, they were painted in white.  What I am seeking, is an exception.  
The PC did harbor a number (I believe 9) FM H-24-66 "Trainmasters" that were 
originally PRR.  I know the last one lasted until 1970 before being scrapped 
and none were ever painted into PC colors.  However, the units were 
renumbered by PC to 6700-6708.  6700 also got re-numbered a second time to 
6799 to make room for newly arriving U-23C's.  Here's what I want to know:  
Did PC paint the numbers under the cabs of these units in white or "dulux" 
gold?  All I have ever seen is black-and-white photographs, making it 
impossible to tell.  Hopefully, someone who was there (59th Street, Chicago 
circa 1968-1970) can tell me which is which.  At least, I would like to know 
if anyone ever seen a color picture of one.  I know this is a long shot, but 
any help would be appreciated...

                                                     -Gregg B.

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