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PC: Decals


Is this individual still in the decal business?  I sent him an e-mail a
while back and got no reply...

Garrett Rea

>> BTW if anyone is interested in HO scale caboose decals and other PC odds
>> n ends, I met a fella, Mike Bradley I believe, who has some custom made.
>> (confirmation)
>>  They are fantastic and letter 3-4 cars I believe he said. He also has
>> nice red "P" decals.
> I bought several sets of decals from him at the meet. He has PC cabins,
>86' High cube cars, black PC heralds, black Penn Central lettering, red P
>sets, and  lettering sets with the alphabet, numbers, TOC, and P&E
>lettering.  He also had a set for P&LE hopper cars.
>Mike Bradley
>369 Seventh St.
>Sharpsville, Pa. 16150
>ShenangoRS -AT- aol.com

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