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Re: PC: Re: Re: PC Overpass Signs

>There's one of these right off of I-70 near the IN/OH border, too; I 
>which exit it is but you can see the thing from Bob Evans and I think 
>line is a branch now, not even sure who ended up with it after the 
>It's on the south side and the road going under is four lanes...   The 
>might be a remnant of the same PRR route through Anderson IN .

I think this is part of Norfolk Southern's ex-PRR line which connects
Cincinnati with New Castle, Ind.  They picked up the line from the PC
estate in 1976 because it was to be excluded from Conrail.  PC
called it the Richmond Branch.  Nowadays its a very busy line for
NS.  Further west, through Anderson, etc., is abandoned.

Charles Streetman
Glen Ellyn, IL
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