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Re: PC: NYC GP-40 Handrails

>In a message dated 7/17/99 10:41:25 PM EST, NES3524 -AT- aol.com writes:
> > so I picked up a Atlas (N scale), with the white side sill.  (It came 
> >  black handrails.)  My question is, should be handrails be painted white
> >  or yellow?
>One of the problems you're going to encounter with Atlas N scale engines is
>that the handrails don't hold paint very well.  I think they're delrin
>plastic, which allows them to be thinner, and less stiff &  brittle.  I've
>had a couple in the past, and the paint flakes off rather easily.  I can't
I had this problem with the handrails I added to my Athearn F7's. I just 
(lightly) scuffed the handrails with sandpaper, repainted them, and the 
paint quit peeling.

--Chris Osterhus

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