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PC: PC Demographics

Hey all:
Here's my story of conversion.
For me, PC started when I was 7-1/2 or 8 and it was the "OTHER" railroad. I didn't much care for it.
In Washington Court House, OH (where I was born), we managed to have 3 railroads. The B&O, DT&I, and the Pennsylvania branch to Circleville. Even in the mid 60s the PRR branch wasn't used much.
Later after the merger, I hated PC for the mess it causes. But I also learned to despise gov't regulation on railroads.
After the collapse of the Northeast railroads, I came to miss PC and the others, though I had only seen the cars in my local freight trains. I began to miss what I never really was exposed to (after 1968 my parents moved to Morristown Tenn and I learned to love the Southern, note to Garrett).
The bottom line (before this note becomes a tome, if not too late) is that I came to see PC as an underdog that lost its battle to survive. (A bit romanticized, I know) But like many people my age (38), I realized that I missed the heyday of railroads and all I end up with is history.
Some say, "You don't know what you'll miss, until after (or in my case, long after) it is gone."
Besides the mating worms logo was intriguing visually.
Kurt Thompson

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