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Re: PC: hopper car usage

>From what I have heard, only NYC Conrail cars are CSX. All other
reporting marks are NS. While I don't want to restart the endless
reporting mark discussion, there are many old reporting marks still
active even if the old road is buried under several layers of mergers.
The registration of the mark is just changed to reflect the new owner. 

On another note, few days back I saw some conductor's buttons for sale on
Ebay. They were in a display with a big Conrail button in the middle, and
predecessors of Conrail (PC, EL, &c.) arranged around the CR button. I
noticed there weren't PRR or NYC buttons, and I realized that the button
manufacturer knew that NYC and PRR were merged into PC and that it was PC
(and not PRR, NYC or New Haven) that directly went into Conrail.

Bryan Turner

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999 20:50:39 -0400 (EDT) Georgedieselman -AT- webtv.net
(George Alberti) writes:
> How do you tell who owns a car?  I still see  cars numbered for PC 
> with
> the old PC numbers. Today at work there were 5 EL hoppers full of 
> coal
> still in EL paint (really faded) and EL numbers.  I would assume 
> they
> belong to the NS now, but how do you tell?  I guess if the cars were
> shopped, they would still be PC###### or EL######.  Who would you 
> bill?

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