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PC: Re: hopper car usage

Howdy Greg-
Odd that no one has put more in on this, guess that the loss of ConRail is more interesting.....
I know that many of the railroads including PC (see PC color guide) were dropping the smaller two bay hoppers at the time.  Reading, Berwind, and Interstate had some fairly late from what I have seen (I have ONE Reading two bay, and hope to add some Berwind and Interstate soon).  As far as the mix of 100, 55 and 70 ton hoppers, I hope so, or my coal train will need to be changed!!  I have a mix of hoppers (PRR, Reading, L&N, IC, NYC, P&LE, C&EI, etc), both 70 and 100 right now.  I wish someone would do decal sets for PC hoppers prior to the small worm logo design, as my coal drag (including motive power -PRR and cabin -NYC) are all pre-merger!
MODEL RAILROADING is releasing a book on PRR hoppers this fall (Sept 1).  If you reserve now, they cut $2 off the price and ship for free.  ($17.95)  I ordered two copies already.  This book is going cover all classes and have both proto and model info.  The book can be ordered at 1-888-338-1700. 
Did many of the PRR H21 4 bays make it into the PC era?
Please forward any responses you get, if you could-
Garrett Rea

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