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Re: PC: Hump Engines

A while back, there was a brief discussion on Penn Central hump yard
engines.  I added my 2 cents worth to the discussion by stating I had
photos showing an SD9/GP9B combination doing hump duty.

While finishing up a few 8x10s in the darkroom this weekend, I also printed
a copy of the photo in question. 


Here is what I know for certain about the picture...

It shows SD9 6900 & GP9B 3805 shoving a cut of cars including an N8 cabin
up what appears to be a hump.  Note the storage tank in the background on
the right side of the pcture... I used that for my vertical reference when
aligning the picture. There are also some structures barely visible under
the GP's fuel tank that I used to assure myslef what was "level". The image
can be framed so that the train is horizontal, but then everything else
looks way off.

The negative is annotated as follows:

PC 3805 & 6900 
Elkhart, IN
19 Apr 1969

I don't have much reference material for PC in Indiana, so I don't know if
there was a hump yard there or not.  I do like the white side sill stripe
on the SD9.  The white stripe was certainly inspired by the NYC, but NYC
never owned and SD9's.  My guess is that the loco must have been shopped
and painted at an ex-NYC facility. Both locos and the cabin are very clean
in appearance.  The scanned image doesn't do the print justice...

8x10's of this and other Penn Central equipment are available... :^)

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